Preparing Your Plumbing for Winter Weather

Simple steps to take to protect your home’s pipes from cold weather damage.

Colder weather is setting in for everyone living in the Provo area, which means now is the time to prepare your home—especially your plumbing—for the freezing temperatures. Not taking these important steps now could lead to serious plumbing probl ...

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When to Call an Emergency Plumbing Service

emergency plumbing service

You can contact an emergency plumbing service at any hour of the day or night for immediate repairs – but should you do so? Or should you wait and call the plumber during regular business hours? The fact is, many homeowners aren’t quite sure what ...

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How to Patch a Leaky Pipe Until the Plumber Arrives

Utah plumbing pipe repair

It’s the middle of the night, and you notice a leaky pipe in your bathroom. You call a professional plumber for emergency repairs, and they agree to come out right away – but in the meantime, water is spraying everywhere. What do you do? As a tem ...

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Have a Water Heater Leak? Here’s What to Do

Water heater repair Provo UT

A small water heater leak can quickly become a big problem. Damage to your floors, sub-flooring and walls can occur with even minor leaking – and damp, wet areas are the ideal environment for mold and mildew. The spores can grow within days, and an ...

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A Utah Plumber’s Advice About Common Plumbing Noises

What does that strange plumbing noise mean

If you’re hearing unusual plumbing noises, contacting an experienced Utah plumber is in your best interests. Strange sounds coming from your pipes and plumbing aren’t just annoying – they’re a cause for concern. Hold off on calling a plumber ...

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