Have a Water Heater Leak? Here’s What to Do

Water heater repair Provo UT

A small water heater leak can quickly become a big problem. Damage to your floors, sub-flooring and walls can occur with even minor leaking – and damp, wet areas are the ideal environment for mold and mildew. The spores can grow within days, and an ...

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A Utah Plumber’s Advice About Common Plumbing Noises

What does that strange plumbing noise mean

If you’re hearing unusual plumbing noises, contacting an experienced Utah plumber is in your best interests. Strange sounds coming from your pipes and plumbing aren’t just annoying – they’re a cause for concern. Hold off on calling a plumber ...

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How Putting Off Plumbing Repairs Can Cost You

Take care of plumbing repairs promptly

You might have a good reason for postponing plumbing repairs. But whether your budget is a bit tight or you’re too busy to deal with the issue, hesitating to call a professional plumber could put you in a bigger bind. Right now, your clog, leak or ...

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Do You Need Gas Line Repair? Watch for These Warning Signs

Signs of a gas leak

If you need gas line repair, you need to take quick action. Broken or leaking lines can pose a serious threat to your family’s health and safety, so addressing the issue immediately is essential. In many cases, damage in underground gas lines goes ...

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How to Deal with a Garbage Disposal Leak

How to deal with a garbage disposal leak

You may have a garbage disposal leak if you discover moisture under your kitchen sink or a puddle of foul-smelling water on the floor nearby. A garbage disposal leak can be a major inconvenience or, left unaddressed, it can cause extensive water dama ...

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