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3 Reasons a Water Softener May Be for You

According to U.S. Geological Survey research, Utah water supply has a high calcium and mineral content. So, the chances are good that you have hard water. Even so, do you really need softer water?

While it isn’t an absolute necessity, installing a softener does offer several advantages. Let’s look at three of those advantages.

Cleaning is Easier with a Water Softener

Soap doesn’t completely dissolve in hard water. As a result, everything you wash is left with a film or residue. Have you ever noticed chalky spots on your glasses and dishes? Or maybe you have noticed that your clothes look dingy or your hair seems dull and limp? These phenomena are all caused by the excess calcium and minerals in our water.

Once you install a softening system, cleaning will be easier and more thorough. Soap residue will rinse away fully, leaving your clothes, dishes and hair looking and feeling cleaner.

You’ll also use cut the amount of soap they use by half or even more.

A Water Softener Increases the Lifespan of Appliances

Calcium and minerals also leave a residue inside your appliances. This build-up decreases efficiency and shortens the useable life of any appliance that uses water.

If you install a softening system, your washing machine and dishwasher will last longer. Without one, your appliances will operate less efficiently as time goes on and you’ll replacement them much more frequently.

Your water heater will also benefit greatly from the addition of a softening system. The WQA research demonstrates that that treating your water can help maintain your H2O heater’s original factory efficiency rating for as long as 15 years. Not installing a softening system, on the other hand, can decrease efficiency by as much as 48 percent.

Plumbing Systems Are More Effective with a Water Softener

Mineral deposits also build up inside your plumbing faucets, fixtures and pipes. This residue causes clogs and corrosion, and the damage shortens the life of your plumbing system components.

With a water softener, your plumbing system will operate more effectively and you’ll have fewer issues with pipes and fixtures. Your shower heads and faucets will maintain a steady flow rate and you won’t have to constantly clean them with CLR. Stick with the hard water, however, and the WQA says a new shower head will lose up to 75 percent of its flow rate within 18 months. Even worse, new faucet strainers can become clogged within a matter of weeks.

Would you like to learn about the soft water treatment options for your home? The experts at American Plumbing Services can advise you on the type and size of water softener to meet your needs. Call our Provo, Utah, office today to request a cost estimate.