Woman sitting in kitchen calling plumber

6 Signs You Need to Call a Professional Plumbing Contractor NOW

Do you really need to call a professional plumbing contractor – right now?

If you’re like many Utah homeowners, you may prefer to handle your plumbing problems on your own. However, most repairs are best handled by an experienced plumber. Identifying and correcting plumbing issues is a daunting task for anyone without training. And, if something goes wrong, you could have an expensive mess on your hands – one that your insurance may not cover.

Hiring an experienced plumbing contractor is an investment in your home. Save yourself time, trouble and money, and call a professional if you notice any of these warning signs.

No. 1: Water Leaks

For some minor water leaks, simple plumbing repairs like tightening a connection or swapping out the washer and gasket will work.

But, if an easy fix doesn’t take care of your water leaks, you’ll need a professional plumber. Fixing leaky faucets, showerheads, toilets and pipes conserves water and prevents further damage to your plumbing system and your home.

No. 2: Clogged Pipes

More often than not, you can clear your clogged pipes with a plunger or sewer snake. Home remedies are also sometimes effective.

However, chemical drain cleaners can’t clear most clogged pipes and their toxic ingredients can damage your plumbing system. For stubborn clogs, call in an experienced plumbing contractor to clear the lines safely and effectively, helping you avoid future problems and expensive repairs.

No. 3: Drop in Water Pressure

A sudden water pressure drop is a sure sign that you have a problem in your plumbing system. One of your pipes may have sprung a hidden water leak, for example, or the flow from your main water line could be restricted or clogged with mineral deposits.

Finding the cause of this annoying problem can be a challenge, and probably one that you can’t fix on your own. So, if you notice a sudden drop in your home’s water pressure, it’s time to call a professional plumbing contractor.

No. 4: Rust-Colored Water

Rust indicates the presences of iron in your water. This normally isn’t a problem, because rust-colored water is generally considered safe to drink and use.

However, rusty water often means that some of the plumbing pipes in your home need to be replaced. Or, it could indicate that you need a new water heater. And, in some rare cases, it may indicate a problem with the safety of the water.

In any case, don’t take chances. If you see rust-colored water come from your faucet, don’t put off calling a professional plumber.

No. 5: Sewer Odors

Do you suddenly detect a sewer odor, either indoors or outside? If so, contact an experienced plumbing contractor as soon as possible, because this is usually a sign of a serious problem.

In many cases, sewage smells are a symptom of sewer line problems. Without prompt, professional repair, you risk a sewage backup in your home.

No. 6: Soggy or Extra-Green Patches in the Yard

If it hasn’t rained recently but you still have soggy patches in your yard, don’t just ignore them. Unexplained puddles can be signs of plumbing problems. Likewise if you notice that one isolated section of your yard is much greener than the rest.

If you have a drip irrigation system, check first to make sure it’s not leaking in that location.

If that’s not the problem, you may have a leaking water or sewer line underground. In either case, you’ll need to let a professional plumbing contractor handle those repairs – the sooner, the better.

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