Man and woman fixing pipes under sink

Avoid Plumbing Problems by Avoiding These Habits

No one wants to deal with plumbing problems, But, the fact is, many homeowners take their flushing toilets, clear-running drains and leak-free pipes for granted.

We all expect our plumbing to work reliably, day in and day out. Yet, in many cases, our own bad habits contribute to the development of clogs, leaks and other plumbing problems. Unless you rid your household of these bad habits, you could be sabotaging your home’s plumbing system.

Putting the Wrong Foods Down the Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal makes kitchen cleanup faster, easier and more convenient. But, the appliance isn’t designed to handle every type of waste.

Chances are, if you’re putting grease or stringy, fibrous or expandable foods down the disposal, you’re going to end up with plumbing problems eventually. The same goes for grinding up bones, stone fruit pits and non-food items.

Washing Food Scraps Down the Sink Drain

Not everyone has a garbage disposal, but that doesn’t stop some homeowners from washing food scraps and waste down the drain. What’s the harm in a few potato peels or a bit of crushed eggshell? Plenty – letting food waste run through the pipes is inviting plumbing problems into your home.

Letting Hair Go Down the Shower Drain

People lose up to 100 strands of hair every day, and much of this falls out while in the shower. All this hair has a bad habit of clinging to the inside of your plumbing system. Spend a few dollars on a mesh drain screen, or before long you’ll have a clogged drain.

Relying on Chemical Drain Cleaner to Clear Clogged Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners can clear very small clogs but they usually do more harm than good. The harsh chemicals don’t just eat away at the debris blocking your pipes – they also eat away at the pipes themselves.

Use drain cleaners too often, and you may end up with costly plumbing problems.

Using the Toilet for Trash

Believe it or not, some homeowners believe that, as long as trash fits in the toilet, you can flush it down.

But flushing paper towels, sanitary products, wipes, cotton swabs or any other items can cause a major plumbing problem. And, even though some products are labeled as flushable, they should hit the trash can instead of your toilet.

Ignoring Minor Plumbing Leaks

A tiny drip is nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. Over time, even a tiny leak can add up to major water waste. And, left unrepaired, leaky pipes can develop more damage or even burst – which means the plumbing problem and the water damage it causes will be costlier to fix.

Are you and your family guilty of any of these bad habits? The experienced professionals at American Plumbing Services can help make sure your pipes, drains, appliances and fixtures are free of plumbing problems.

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