Water going down drain

Utah Plumber Tips: What to Do if an Item Falls Down the Drain

Should you call your favorite Utah plumber if you accidentally drop something down the sink drain, or should you assume that it’s lost forever to the sewer system?

Whether you lost a valuable ring while washing dishes, an earring slipped off and went straight down the drain or you dropped some other precious item into the sink, try not to panic. Armed with a bit of old-fashioned plumber know-how, you stand a good chance at retrieving your item with no harm done. Here’s how.

Turn Off the Faucet

First things first – shut off the water immediately, as soon as you see the item drop down the sink drain. Turning off the faucet will stop your ring, earring or whatever fell from flushing further into the plumbing system.

Check to See If the Item Is Magnetic

If the item you dropped is magnetic, it may be easy to retrieve from the plumbing drain. Tie a small, strong magnet to a piece of string – make sure your knots are tight — and insert it into the sink drain. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to pull the object right up out of the drain pipe. Most jewelry isn’t magnetic, but most Utah plumbers believe this simple approach is usually worth a shot.

Open the Sink Trap

If the magnet trick doesn’t work, you’ll need to check the sink trap – that’s the J-shaped pipe directly under your sink. Put a bucket under the trap, then use pliers or a wrench to remove the slip nuts. Pull off the trap and give it a shake, and you should see your lost item.

What if the Item Isn’t in the Trap?

Plumbing systems have several traps and bends within the pipes. If your item isn’t in the under-sink trap, your Utah plumber can check other potential hiding spots. Using specialized tools and techniques, an expert can reach deeper into the plumbing to retrieve your lost item.

What if the Item Isn’t Valuable?

Let’s say you dropped the toothpaste cap down the sink drain. Or an inexpensive hair clip. Do you really need to bother retrieving something that has little or no value?

Actually, yes, you do have to retrieve it. Any solid object dropped into the drain needs to be pulled out as soon as possible. If you leave the item in place, it may start to accumulate hair and debris, eventually leading to a clog in the plumbing.

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