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Clogged Pipes? Get Drain Snaking or Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning

For clearing clogged pipes, drain snaking and hydro-jet drain cleaning are two of the most effective techniques used by Utah plumbers. Both methods are effective, but each is best suited for different types of plumbing blockages.

To determine whether snaking or hydro-jetting is the right solution for your clogged pipes, call a local plumber to determine the source of the problem. Chances are, your plumber will recommend one of these two approaches to drain cleaning.

Drain Snaking for Clogged Pipes

Drain snaking has been the tried-and-true method for clearing blocked pipes for decades.

The technique uses a tool called a plumbing auger to punch a hole through the clog. The auger, commonly known as a drain snake, has a long steel tube with a corkscrew-like coil at one end and a hand crank at the other. When inserted into a clogged pipe, the plumber turns the crank until the blockage is pierced and the flow of water is restored.

Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning for Seriously Clogged Pipes

Hydro-jetting is the newer industry gold-standard for getting rid of the most stubborn plumbing blockages.

As the name suggests, hydro-jet cleaning uses a pressurized jet of water to clear and clean clogged pipes. The plumber inserts a hose with a special conical-shaped nozzle into the drain, to deliver a powerful stream of water. The water jet works to sweep away any grease and mineral build-up in the line and it can even push out stubborn tree roots, hair and other debris within the plumbing system.

Which Approach Will Work Best for Your Clogged Pipes?

Drain snaking can be an ideal solution for minor plumbing blockages. When a plunger doesn’t work, a snake can often get blocked pipes flowing again. But the fix is temporary. A plumbing snake can’t remove all the accumulated minerals and grease that contributed to the clog, making future drain blockages more likely.

Hydro-jetting, on the other hand, clears the majority of debris within the pipes. This technique takes care of slow drains and complete blockages, leaving the plumbing system clean and running smoothly. The results of hydro-jetting last much longer than snaking, making it a cost-effective service for many homeowners.

However, hydro-jetting can sometimes damage weak, delicate pipes. For that reason, before considering this method of drain cleaning, have your plumber inspect the line to ensure that the pipes can stand up to the high water pressures.

Are you struggling with pipe clogs and plumbing blockages in your northern Utah home? If you’ve already tried the plunger and don’t want to risk using a chemical cleaner, give the professionals at American Plumbing Services a call.

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