Person petting white dog

Plumbing Service Tips for Pet Owners

We all love our cats and dogs, but plumbing service calls caused by your furry friends are not something anyone enjoys. 

As a pet owner, you’ve probably already pet-proofed your home but, chances are, you may not have given much thought to how your four-legged family member can put a strain on your plumbing.

To avoid pet-related plumbing problems and make sure your home is safe for your pets, follow these tips from the professionals at American Plumbing Services.

Keep Toilet Lids Closed

Drinking toilet water isn’t just unsanitary – chemical residue from cleansers and drain cleaners can make dogs and cats quite sick. Get in the habit of closing the toilet lid, and this won’t be a concern.

Put Chemicals in a Safe Place

Plumbing services advise against using chemical drain cleaners, as they’re damaging to pipes. Besides, ingesting them can be harmful to your pets. If you have chemical drain cleaners in the home, keep them completely out of reach. The same goes for chemical cleaning supplies, as they’re also poisonous to pets.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Dogs love to chew on things. And if Fido bites through a pipe, you’re not only in for a trip to the vet, you’re also facing a potentially costly plumbing problem as well as water damage in your home. Take time to cover any exposed pipes, and you can protect your house, your plumbing and your pet.

Watch Backyard Digging

Water and sewer lines aren’t always buried deep underground – sometimes, the lines are under two feet from the surface. If your dog likes to dig in the backyard, keep watch to make sure the holes don’t reach the plumbing lines. Otherwise, you may end up with serious damage.

Rinse Dirty Pets Outside

Does your dog like to roll around in the mud? When pets get muddy, washing off the muck in the bathtub could easily cause a plumbing clog. To prevent clogs from muddy and matted fur clumps, give Fido a rinse outside first, then head to the tub to finish the job.

Use a Drain Stopper at Bath Time

Speaking of the tub, make sure you use a drain stopper when you give your pet a bath. Pets tend to shed at bath time, and if the fur goes down the drain you may end up with a plumbing clog. Use a stopper, and you’ll prevent pet-related drain clogs. 

Don’t Flush Any Cat Litter

Professional plumbing services caution against flushing cat litter – even brands that are labeled as “flushable.” Cat feces and litter can build up and clog the drain, and if you’re flushing to a septic system, you may need to have the septic tank pumped.

If you live in northern Utah and have a plumbing problem – pet-related or not – call on the experienced professionals at American Plumbing Services.

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