American Plumbing Services can install any faucet or plumbing fixture on the market for your bath or kitchen. Services include removing old faucets.

Considering New Faucet Installation For Your Provo, Utah Home?

Before you purchase new faucets and fixtures, feel free to ask us about a particular item you have your eye on. We install and service faucets from all the major manufacturers, including Kohler, Moen, American Standard, Delta, and Toto. With our extensive experience, we might help you narrow your selection to brands that seem to experience less problems over time.

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Bathroom and Kitchen Taps

Many customers may like the old-fashioned look brought by two taps and spouts for their bathroom basin. Later, they may conclude that using two spouts is a real pain in the neck. It’s difficult to regulate water temperate coming from two spouts. It’s far more preferable for many to use two faucets.

Others find that using two taps makes more of a mess around the sink and it’s still difficult to get the right water temperature. Single tap faucets are simpler to turn on and off and regulate temperature with their wand-like features. They are easier for children and people with disabilities to use. There are many attractive single-tap faucets available for bathrooms that dispense water from one or two spouts.

For kitchen sinks, more consumers prefer single-tap fixtures. For what it’s worth, we’ve observed that two taps tend to consume more water than a single one, probably because it takes more time to get the right water temperature with two taps.


Large or wide spouts are best used with deep basins and kitchen sinks. It’s too easy for water coming from a large tap to get splashed all over in smaller, shallower sinks.

Kitchen sink spouts should include a spray setting and pullout hose for maximum convenience. For bathtubs, single spouts prevail, with dual or single taps. They come in a variety of shapes. Dual spouts for a bathtub are still around but not very common.