Gas Line

Natural gas lines that lead to your home can leak just like pipes. Gas leaks generally happen when outdoor lines are damaged and sometimes, they can happen on indoor lines as well such as kitchen appliances or a water heater.

Gas Line Repair Provo Utah

If You Smell Rotten Eggs, Get Out

A sulfur or rotten egg smell is most obvious sign of a natural gas leak. The gas company, as a kind of alarm, purposefully adds this scent; natural gas is normally odorless. If the leak is from an appliance like a stove or barbeque, you may hear a hissing sound. Although it’s tempting to check the appliance, be aware that a pilot light or electric spark can set off flames or even an explosion.

Gas leaks in or around the home are hazardous. If you detect that warning smell, leave the area right away. Be sure to leave the doors open if the smell is indoors. Get out of the area and immediately call your gas provider or call 911, especially if you suspect a leak outdoors. They may give you further instructions. The gas company will send an employee trained to investigate gas leaks and safely turn off the source.

Provo, Utah Gas Line Repair

Questar and other natural gas providers repair natural gas lines that run on or under public properties. In Utah, licensed plumbers can repair many gas line leaks, including those inside your home. We can also install and upgrade gas lines. In the Provo area, American Plumbing Service provides emergency and routine gas line work and inspection services. Call (801) 373-0702 for emergency and non-emergency services.

Our skilled plumbers are trained in gas line repairs. They are also insured and licensed by the state to repair, service, and install natural gas lines. In addition to repairs, American Plumbing Services can also install new gas lines to  appliances including stoves, HVAC systems, water heaters, fireplaces and outdoor barbeque grills. Our work is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.