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Hard water is harsh on your hair, skin, dishes, and faucets. It has a high mineral content, usually caused by large amounts of calcium. It causes your hair and skin to become itchy and dry, your fabrics to fade, your dishes to become spotty, and your faucets and fixtures to be covered in hard-to-remove, chalky, white buildup. Hard water has a damaging effect nearly on every part of your plumbing systems, including in the pipes and hot water tank.

Luckily, you can make hard water go away by softening it. American Plumbing Services offers our customers affordable water softener installation in Provo to prevent further damage from hard water.

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Water Softeners Remove Harsh Minerals

A water softener filters out mineral ions and exchanges them with sodium bicarbonate (not sodium chloride) ions to make the water more conducive to cleaning. After this exchange, the water softener goes through a regeneration to flush out any extra ions. In recent years, new technologies have reduced the amount of water needed for regeneration and flushing.

While taking a bath or shower, you will experience a striking difference in the way your skin feels. It will be smoother and softer, and your soap will produce significantly more bubbles. You’ll love the spa-like effect of soft water.

During your Provo water softener installation, our experts at American Plumbing Services can help you decide which type and size of unit would be best for your needs.

Is a Water Softener Right for Your Home?

In recent years, water softening has been questioned for potential environmental impacts and possible health consequences. However, at least some of these concerns are in our opinion, misplaced or misleading.

Here are a few facts:

  • Water softening wastes water. It is true that softener regeneration includes a flushing process. However, as we have already noted, new technologies require less water for this process than before.
  • In addition, since soft water rinses soaps more efficiently, people can take briefer showers. Furthermore, less residue in their hair can reduce the frequency of hair-washing as well. This helps save water from being over-used.
  • Water softeners do not use table salt but typically include sodium bicarbonate, which is like baking soda. It is true that Morton makes many water softening products, but products from this division are designed to work on softening water from systems with a different mineral makeup. By analyzing the type of hard water than comes into their homes, consumers can select a product that will work best for filtering out the specific minerals in their water.
  • Finally, water softening can be directed to a home’s hot water line so that it is directed to where hot water is used: showers, dishwashers, and washing machines. It can bypass unheated water altogether, even in sinks where hot and cold water is used.

Can Water Softeners Make You Sick?

While water softeners do add sodium to your water, the amount is too small to be harmful or cause any health concerns. Softened water is completely safe to drink and doesn't change the taste. However, there may be a concern with people on a low-sodium diet as this will increase the amount of sodium.

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