Sink, Toilet,
Tub & Shower Installation

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom or put in a new kitchen sink? American Plumbing Services is ready to take out the old and install your new sink, commode, tub, or shower for your home or business.

We work with all major brands, including Kohler, American Standard, Moen, Sterling, and Calloway. We install specialty items as well, such as motion detectors for sinks and auto-flush operations. We can advise you if new water lines should be installed, or if systems require an upgrade. We also repair old plumbing systems to bring them back in line with the Utah Plumbing Code, which we follow for all our plumbing and installation projects.

Sink, Toilet, Tub & Shower Installation Provo Utah

Pre-Installation Inspection Services For Provo, Utah Homes

We will be happy to inspect your current plumbing—exposed pipes, water heater, and other components—before we begin tearing out your old plumbing products and installing new ones. This kind of service can help avoid problems later on during installation by detecting potential defects that can be repaired before hooking up a new shower or sink.

For example, a water shutoff valve should be operational before any plumbing project is launched, but this is often overlooked and if a valve has frozen shut over time, an on-the-spot fix can cause delays on the day of a major plumbing installation project or come back to haunt you a year or two later.

Onsite Troubleshooting for Sinks, Tubs, Toilets & Showers

Even the most carefully prepared installation project can still uncover surprises during the demolition phase. Our plumbers have the tools and knowledge to handle them with as little delay and interference as possible.

It is fairly common to discover misaligned pipes or poor moisture protection during demolition. While it all looks scary to a homeowner, demolition is really a very useful way to ensure that your plumbing is up to code. Many new shower and bath installs will end up with improvements to prevent future moisture and mold. And, although it looks difficult, our plumbers can replace old pipes with newer, more durable ones pretty quickly.

We Clean Up After Sink, Toilet, Tub & Shower Installations

Although we suspect you’ll be anxious for us to leave so you can try out the new bathtub, we will stay to clean up after a job. We’ll also review basic cleaning and maintenance with you for your new systems so that they continue to function for years to come.